Platinum & Diamond ring found

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

A Metal detector rental success :  Got a call from a gentleman who had innocently tossed liquid (melted ice)  into a planter box.  Out of a cup, into an area of vegetation, at a roadside rest along the highway.   As he made the throwing motion, he felt his ring launch off .  Into the dark, somewhere into the foilage.


Despite a long search, with flashlights, on his knees, he could not locate the ring.  He saw the metal detector service for hire “Ringfinders” and gave me a call.   We met the following morning.  Took an hour, but we found it.  It had apparently slid under a bush, hidden from view.


This retails for $10,000 he says.   Several big diamonds in a hefty base of platinum .   Glad I was able to help you !

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