125-year-old Engagement Ring recovered in Sturgeon Bay

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)
I had great success recovering a lost heirloom engagement ring last Friday in Sturgeon Bay. Its owner, Gena, had given it and her wedding band to her father while she went tubing. Somehow, it flew out of his pocket somewhere between the boat, the launch, and his house, though the wedding band was still there. She put a notice in “Door County Lost” on Facebook, and someone saw it and contacted me about it. That put the search in motion.
I interviewed everyone, and traced the likely loss point back to when the most hand movement occurred, which was probably the yard. (I didn’t want to jump in the water at the launch without checking the yard, first, because launches are full of lost metal of every kind: keys, cans, phones, sunglasses, boat parts, lures, coins, pop tabs, and other junk, which necessitates a lot of scooping and sorting.)
Gena’s father had cut the grass, so I was running my Minelab Equinox stock coil over the clippings before they were discarded. They were spreading the 3rd load over the driveway to make it easier, which was taking a while, so I decided to sweep the grass along the road, in front of where the boat was parked while I waited. Gena made it easier by passing her wedding band under the coil so I could choose which program . of the eight would work the best. After only a few minutes, the ring sang out! I couldn’t believe how pretty it was – a 125-year-old vintage cut diamond discontinued in 1945! I shouted out “we’re done,” and then the hugs and celebrations began! What was lost, was found!
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