Key West Wedding Band Recovery

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)


While on a metal detecting vacation to Key West, FL on  December 14th,  Jeff Wettstein, another ringfinder, and I were detecting Smather’s Beach, which is quite long.    I had found one 14k gold wedding band, but only a few coins after that, and it was getting late.   Suddenly a man rushed up to me and asked if we could find his tungsten wedding band that had just slipped off of his finger in about 4 feet of ocean water.   It was almost dark, but I started searching near where he and his friend had been swimming.     After about 30 minutes of intense grid searching, Jeff came along and helped.  He found it in about 5 minutes, and soon it was back on the groom’s finger where it belonged.   Drinks at Sloppy Joe’s followed, of course!