Engagement Ring Recovered using Hookah Gear near Wautoma, WI

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Wrinkled fingers, but nice ring!

On August 15th, 2019, Jeff Wettstein received a call regarding a lost engagement ring off the end of a dock in central Wisconsin.    Having just purchased and tested a new hookah arrangement with three 60-foot hoses, we were soon on our way to try recovering the valuable ring.    It was a cold week, but we had multiple layers of neoprene ready to wear.     It’s not wise to dive alone, so we used the buddy system.    My turn was first with Jeff serving as top tender.   I was having so much fun playing with the blue gills, I didn’t realize I was under water for two hours!     After sorting through a lot of junk and weeds, I found the ring and popped to the surface.     We didn’t get a photo of the bride because she was in contact with us by phone, but you can see it was a valuable recovery.   She was quite happy.