Last water find in bay of Green Bay before winter

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

On Friday October 5th, I put on my wetsuit and drove a short distance out of Green Bay for a ring search.   It had been lost the previous weekend when Tim, the ring’s owner, had been pulling his dock out of the water for the winter.   He saw the ring plop into the water, and knew approximately where it was.  I have been to the site the previous Tuesday, but high waves drove me off before I could make any progress.  Since then, a storm had come, bringing in sand and waves that came to an all-time high-water mark of several decades.  I was worried that the ring might have shifted, though it was a man’s heavy gold wedding band, and they tend to go straight down until they reach equilibrium.   My diving buddy, Brian P., went with me because we knew the ring could have traveled.   We measure the distance to the probable drop site 100 feet off shore, marked it with a float, and started our search patterns.  The water was cold, but we persevered for three hours.   Finally, I decided to dig the deep signals because we had been looking fairly shallow, and found it 18 inches down with my new Minelab Equinox, near the float marker.   I couldn’t believe it had descended that deep, especially because it was nestled in stones, with only the top six inches being sand.  Tim was overjoyed to see the ring back on his finger, especially because his silver wedding anniversary was coming up soon!