Memorial Weekend Ring Recovery in Record Time

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

On Saturday, May 26th, 2018, Brad contacted me to say he had lost his wedding band at a popular sandbar while throwing a football with his family.   He called a friend who metal detects, who lived too far away to drive, but recommended me.   I tried to find someone who would be at the lake, but nobody was available.  So, I quick popped in the car and drove about 75 miles to the cottage.  The entire family rode out to the sand bar with me to witness the search.  They were all very nice, though worried it might never be found.  Luckily, they had marked the spot using GPS on a cell phone, so we knew we were close.  Well, maybe not, as opinions differed as to which direction the 14k ring had flown.  Gold can grow wings when it catches on a football!   After about 20 minutes of pattern searching, a handful of pop tabs and a few coins, I heard what I thought was another pop tab signal in my AT Pro Headphones.  A beautiful wedding band with inlaid diamonds appeared in the scoop, and Brad plucked it out with a big smile!   His finger needed that ring back on it after 21 years!   It was well-worth the drive to make Brad and his wife happy!