Triple Ring Set Recovered!

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

I forgot to post this last September, but it’s an aweseome recovery story!  I was called out by a married couple who needed some help searching a sand bar for her lost ring set.  It consisted of three beautiful 14k rings from their engagement, wedding, and anniversary with many sparkly diamonds, and it was her pride and joy, in addition to their four wonderful children.  She was throwing a football in the water with some friends and noticed it gone.  She never  thought it would be recovered until they googled Ringfinders.  She, her husband, and  I searched for the better part of a day with no luck.   Then, I went out on my own for a full day, again with no  luck.  I ventured out a third time with my two friends,  Jeff and Brian, thinking three experienced detectorists would have better results.  I found the signal right about where she had searched with me the first time, and quickly texted a pic to her husband.  He drove to pick it up and bought the three of us some hot hamburgers and cold beer.    It was great to see his smile!  He didn’t tell his wife it had been found, but just laid it on the kitchen counter and snapped her picture when she saw it.   Nice of him to share it!   The Ringfinders make a lot of couples very happy to recover their treasured memories.  It’s more than just finding rings.