Men's wedding band found in Wrightstown, WI

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Men’s art-carved wedding band found!

I received a call from Michelle a few weeks ago.  She and her husband, Chris, have only been married seven months and he already lost his ring!  The good news is he knew where it happened.  The bad news was it was 12 feet deep in the bottom of their friend’s swimming pond.   We coordinated a search for 5:30 last Wednesday, and my friend Brian P. arrived with two sets of diving gear.  I’m PADI Open Water certified, but don’t own any gear, so feel quite lucky that Brian is a much more experienced diver and he has a passion for recovering wedding rings.   We  searched for about 20 minutes and Brian found it with his Fisher 1280x, which can go down to 200 feet!  Soon, Michelle was smiling and driving the art-carved wedding band back to her groom.  It’s beautiful, with diamond inlays.  Nice!