Lost Ring Green Bay

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

100_0923It’s the beginning of March, and soon the snowbanks will be melting.   Lost IPODs, rings, keys, and other valuables will soon be revealed.  My equipment can find rings in snow, but a good spring thaw expands search possibilities.

I found 15 lost rings last year, and 16 the year before.   With the ground thawing and lakes and rivers opening up, now is the time to contact me if you would like to schedule a search.

Don’t worry if it’s been lost a long time.  Once, I was called to find a depression-era gold class ring that was lost in the late 1940’s.  At the time, a little girl had borrowed the ring from her dad to play with it, and hung it on a pine tree branch so she could climb the tree.  It flipped off and was seemingly gone forever.   Many decades later, it took me a bit of luck and 20 minutes worth of searching with a Tesoro Silver Sabre to find it.  Smiles were on everyone’s faces as their precious artifact was returned.

The school insignia needed some restoration, but the main portion of the ring kept its beautiful shine, as gold always does.

So call me to discuss your loss, and perhaps schedule a search.   The least one can do is try.