Car key fob lost in snow Elgin Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email from Linda yesterday stating that she had lost her car key fob and the attached keys the day before. In the meantime our area got hit with a nasty snow and ice storm so the snow plows were out plowing the roads , driveways and even the sidewalks. So I met up with Linda the following morning and she showed me her suspected area of the lost keys. I asked her if she had another fob for the car. She did! Not only that, she had the same exact set of keys, fob, keychain, and key ring!! So I took a few sample swings over the spare set. (It was a jumpy 11-24 on the Nox (800) After an hour of searching evey snow pile the best I could, I went back to one of the first piles and went around the other side and down the street a little bit farther (expanding my search) and got that same jumpy loud signal high up in the snow pile! I carefully chipped away the snow and ice chucks and brushed away the loose debris and out rolled the missing key fob!! Unharmed to boot!

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