Beautiful Wedding Ring Recovered from the Gulf of Mexico

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Jen lost her beautiful wedding ring on Friday while taking her children to the beach. Her youngest was in her arms while she walked along the waters edge, he squirmed and stripped the ring from her finger and immediately it disappeared in the fluffy white sand at Orange Beach. There was knee high shore break and she felt her ring was long gone. Jen contacted me and I said I would try to recover her ring. I arrived early the next morning, the sand had eroded and covered the location she lost the ring with about a foot of extra sand in knee deep water. I searched for about an hour, the sand was to deep and I wasn’t getting a signal, both Jen and husband Ted were looking worried. I told them I don’t give up. I ended up systemically removing 6″ or so of sand then using the pinpoint function to hunt at maximum depth. After about another hour and several attempts at digging I heard a very, very faint signal, I was hopeful that was indeed her ring because the way the signal repeated which each pass. I carefully set the scoop for maximum depth but with finesse so as to not damage the ring. It wasn’t in the first scoop so again I set the scoop as deep as I could. Sure enough the ring was in the center of a heaping scoop of sand and shell. I estimate the ring was covered with about 16 inches of sand. As I stepped from the water I held her ring up for her and Ted to see. They were amazed I found it and Jen let everyone within ear shot know how delighted and excited she was. Ted, Jen and thier 3 kids left the beach all smiles and happy. I left satisfied that I made their day and that persistence and a little experimentation lead to a truly difficult recovery.