Gold Ring Lost Before Deployment Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Michael and his wife were spending quality time together at Onslow beach, which is within Camp Lejeune military base.  Just hours before he was to leave for a European assignment, he lost his blessed gold wedding band while on that beach.  His wife, Elizabeth, searched online to find help recovering the ring.  I informed her that the beach was illegal for metal detecting and sent her the order saying such…  That didn’t stop her from going through the chain of command and getting the necessary permission to recover ONLY her husband’s ring.  We met early in the morning with a law enforcement officer onsite to begin the search for the ring that been lost 17 days.  Elizabeth’s hard prayers when her husband’s ring was found within seconds.  It was the 2nd target dug up.  The officer onsite was amazed and thought we’d be out there much longer.

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