Ring Lost In Topsail Beach Surf Found Days Later By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)


After a contacting another person to find a wedding band lost along Topsail Beach, NC failed, Rosanna contacted www.TheRingFinders.com member Steven Ray.  This ring was lost in the surf 4 days prior.

From Tears To Cheers!

Rosanna’s story:

Saturday, May 21 was our first beach trip of the season, little did I know it would end in tears.
I was close to the shoreline with my daughter, my husband came up to us to let me know he was going to swim further out into the ocean.  He stopped himself and said, “oh my ring”.
This November will be 10 years that we’ve been married and he’s lost quite a bit of weight since the day I placed his ring on his finger, so it was already a bit loose on him.
I gave him that look that wives give their husband’s (lol) and asked him to let me hang onto it so he wouldn’t lose it.
I was facing the ocean and my daughter was beside me with her back to the ocean. I had my right arm across my body holding her left hand to help her jump over the waves.  I let go of her hand so that I could hold it with my left hand, the same hand that I had placed my husband’s ring on.  Before I knew it a bigger wave knocked my daughter over, she reached to grab my hand but her little fingers just glided over my hand and she wasn’t able to catch her grip, she had loosened my husband’s ring on my finger and it slipped off.  I immediately gasped and let out a “no”!  I fell to my knees and started to desperately search for his ring, but to no avail.  My heart just sank, I couldn’t believe I had just asked him to let me hang onto it so he wouldn’t lose it and yet, I was the one who had lost it.
After about 15 minutes of crying, searching, getting knocked around from wave after wave, after wave, I walked back up to my beach chair and sat their defeated.  I remember looking out into the ocean and thinking to myself, there has to be someone out there that can find it.  I pulled my phone out and searched on Google, hiring someone who has a metal detector.  Then my next search, hire someone to find a ring at North Topsail.  (Rosanna contacted someone with a Facebook Group page that she mentioned but I choose to omit)  I called him right away, he told me he was out of town but would start his search as soon as he returned.  I received a call from him 3 days later to let me know that he would be heading out the following day to try and look for my husband’s ring.  The next morning he sent me a text stating that he had spent about an hour doing a grid search but had no luck finding the ring.  I remember how disheartening reading that text felt.  I asked if he would be willing to expand his grid and also offered a reward if found.  He let me know that he was confident in his search and was not able to find it, I paid him for his services.  I called my husband on my lunch break, crying, telling him that Chris couldn’t find it and apologizing to him again for having lost it.  I’ll never forget the sincerity in his voice asking me not to cry and telling me that it was ok.
After that call, and composing myself, I heavily debated about posting something online in the hopes that an honest person had found it and would return it, but, I started to think about how people get “second opinions” all the time!  So, back to searching I went, but this time I tried Facebook and that’s when I found your company Steve, Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  A big part of me had already accepted that my husband’s ring was gone forever but I just had to give it one more try.
The level of professionalism that you provided Steve, along with Justin, was unmatched by the first company I contacted, I only wish I had found your company first.  Before I knew it, I was at the beach with Justin and he went straight to work, I could tell he was a man on a mission!  As we left Justin to his search, my family and I headed back home to Jacksonville to get my kiddos ready for bed.  I received a call from Justin even before we made it back to our home, he sent me a picture and I couldn’t believe it, he had found my husband’s wedding ring!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Thank you for your commitment, dedication, professionalism, compassion, and understanding!  I just knew there had to be someone out there that could find it, I’m beyond happy that I was able to find the right company to get the job done!!!!

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