Lost Gold Wedding Band In 3 Foot Of Water At Low Tide, Found And Returned

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)



Susan was wading out along the Emerald Isle coastline very close to Bogue Inlet Pier.  While standing in 3-4 foot of water and larger waves crashing into the shoreline, she was having a brief conversation with a younger man standing nearby.  He had told her that he couldn’t swim but it was such a beautiful day to be out enjoying the day.  One of the larger waves came roaring in and sent Susan and the young man tumbling toward the shoreline.  Before the young man was washed out from a riptide, Susan grabbed him and tried to pull him back up.  She felt her parent’s wedding band slip off of her finger.

Jeff, a detectorist was in the are and Susan asked for his help right away.  After a brave attempt in the rough surf, Jeff was getting beat up by the waves and had to give up the attempt to recover her ring.  Jeff suggested she contact The Ring Finders.  After making a post on a local Facebook group, Susan received many comments to contact TRF’s and Steve Ray.  Within 2 hours of the ring being lost and the tide coming back in, it was decided the next day’s low tide would be the best chance.

I met Susan and she showed me the area she was in and I headed into the surf at 1:00pm.  Low tide this day was 2:05pm and After finding 2 sinkers, a fishing leader, 2 pennies and a dime I pulled Susan’s cherished ring up from the depths of over 3 foot of water at 2:20pm.  I was out as far as I could have walked & hunted safely with the waves and rip current possibilities.  I admit, I too was worn out from the bashing waves and when I saw her ring in my scoop, I was so glad to get out of that water for the day!


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