Goldsboro Woman's Wedding Ring Lost At Atlantic Beach, NC Returned

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Tonya’s friend came to visit from Arizona for the weekend.  Since her friend loves beaches, they headed from Goldsboro, NC to Atlantic beach,NC.  Tonya had placed her wedding set inside a pocket of her bag.  She feels when she moved her bag on the beach the rings fell from the pocket.  The wedding ring fell from the bag while the engagement ring was found in the bottom of the bag.  A detectorist friend of hers in Hawaii posted a plea in the local Facebook page.  Detectorist Daen tagged me in the post and I headed to the beach.  After a few passes the ring had been found and all involved were shortly notified.  I met Tonya’s family the next day and the ring was returned to it’s proper place.  The story of Tonya & Tomas’ ring can now continue to share in their life together.