Wedding Ring Lost At Topsail Beach Found & Returned

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Christian was spending a beautiful day on the beach with his 9 month old along his side.  For safe keeping, Christian placed his wedding ring in one of his shoes that he had removed.  Seeing that his little one needed attention, he leaned over to tend to his child when his foot kicked and accidentally kicked the shoe containing the ring.

After failing to locate the ring is the soft sand, he resorted to the internet and called me to assist.  I sensed an urgency in his voice and headed to his location promptly.  Christian showed me the lines in the sand I asked him to mark the boundaries of where he believed the ring to be located.  Starting in the middle of his box it was only a couple of search lines before his ring spoke to my detector.  As the sand sifted through my fingers his wedding ring appeared.

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