Ring Lost at North Topsail Beach FOUND Hours Later With Metal Detector

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)


Amber was spending a day at the beach with family and decided to go for a swim.  The newlywed of only 6 weeks noticed her rings were slipping and tried to clean the sunscreen from her finger.  It was then the engagement ring slipped away and fell into the 2 foot surf.  After a frantic search, she promptly started a search on the internet and this led her to The Ring Finders!   Amber contacted me and we arranged a meeting time shortly afterwards.  Amber felt I was her only hope of ever seeing the ring again.

I began my search in the area Amber and her family had marked with lines in the sand.  They were very accurate and although it had settled in the sand down about 8 inches, it was almost in the middle of the lines they had laid in the sand.

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