Ring Lost In Surf At Wrightsville Beach Found On Sandbar

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

While surfing the North Carolina coastline with friends, Marcus was hit by a wave that sent him off of his board.  Unfortunately, he also felt his wedding ring slip off of his finger into the surf.

Marcus informed me later that this ring belonged to his late grandfather who Never took it off.  Marcus’s mother made him promise to also never take it off before she gave it to him.

Marcus’s wife contacted me shortly afterwards and we agreed to meet the following morning for more favorable conditions.   Water searches are, of course, not ideal conditions and I’m sure Marcus thought the ring was gone forever.  About 50 minutes into my search and just after speaking to Marcus, my detector rang out a very good tone.  I yelled out to him “I think I’ve got it!”  he came over just as I raised my sand scoop and was flushing out the sand & shells.  I peeked in and saw the gold then let him reach in and retrieve his cherished heirloom.  It was a very emotional moment and this time the ocean did not win!


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