Gold Bracelet Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Found Days Later

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Rickey was spending the Forth of July holiday with family and friends and began to throw a ball while in knee deep water.  It was at this time the bracelet, that belonged to his deceased father,  flew from his wrist into the ocean.

Rickey’s brother-in-law found out about our metal detecting services and Rickey contacted me 11 days later.  On the 12th day, Rickey gave me the location he was at during the loss and I began my search.  To my surprise, it was the 1st target in the area.  It was deep in the sand and almost out of my detecting depth range.  Rickey was shocked, relieved and shaking when I sent him the above picture of the bracelet on my detector.   Rickey said in a text message: “I feel like part of my dad is back!!”


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