Lost Phone on Pine Knoll Shores Found on Beach

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Carol’s Iphone recovered 2 days after loss

Late Thursday evening I received a call from Joe.  He stated his wife had found my number online (www.TheRingFinders.com).  He explained she had lost her cell phone on the beach the day before (Wednesday).  We agreed to meet to begin the search Friday morning.  After a few passes in the high tide zone,  my detector gave a solid signal.  My pin-pointer indicated the target was near the surface and I began to remove the sand with my hand to protect the phone from any damage.   Her phone was 5 inches below the surface.  After spending a few more minutes on the beach, I headed back and saw Carol once more talking to a neighbor.  She informed me that the phone was taking a charge.  Hopefully it will be fully functional very soon!


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