Father & Son's Ring Lost in Surf City, NC Found

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

While attending a wedding reception for a family member I received a call from Drew.  He explained he lost his ring on the beach in Surf City, NC.  He said it was about 30 minutes before finding my name on The Ring Finders.  I tried to keep him posted on my location as I headed home to get my equipment and change clothes.  I arrived about 1 hour before low tide and 2 hours before sunset.  I explained to Drew to try to remember the general area as best as possible and try to mark it with a landmark.  This was a big help as he guided me almost right to the ring after I searched a few areas out of range of where he was at the time of loss.  Here is Drew’s explanation:

“During a family vacation on Topsail Island (going on 35+ years for my in-laws) I lost my wedding band throwing around a football at high tide.  We thought there was NO WAY we’d find the ring in the water / sand.  Enter Steven Ray: he left a wedding reception to come to our location with his metal detecting gear, and within 30 minutes had discovered the ring.  All of my family and friends gave him a standing ovation, and my wife and I are very grateful that he was able to recover a sentimental ring (it was my late father’s wedding band as well).  Thank you Steven”


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  1. Matthew T. Fry says:

    Great Job Steven. Great idea to have them mark the spot with a landmark. It is always great when you can get good info.

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