Calamity Wave Claims Clam & Prevents Perfect Proposal

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Laevelle had the perfect sun setting evening planned as he and his girlfriend sat along the Pine Knolls, NC coastline.  While his girlfriend, Keneicia, took a few steps away, Laevelle placed an engagement ring into a artificial clam and set it in the sand.  His plan was to call her over to check out the clam and when she opened it to find the ring, he would then propose.  Unfortunately, before she could get to the clam, a large wave crashed the shoreline spilling the clam and covering the ring with sand.  Laevelle had lost all hope of ever seeing the ring again.  Keneicia did some research on you phone and found The Ring Finders!  She sent me an email request and after a brief phone call,  we met the next morning at 1st light to begin the search!   After about an hour of searching, the couple decided to go get breakfast while I continued my quest.  At about the time they left the parking lot the ring was recovered in the wet sand.  They quickly turned around and headed back!  It truly was a great feeling knowing they were back on track with their plans and relieved the ring was recovered.  As of published date, no wedding date has yet been set.