Wedding Band Lost on Emerald Isle Point Recovered Days Later

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)



Jeff contacted Emerald Isle Metal Detecting Thursday morning regarding his lost wedding band.  Jeff stated he was near the water’s edge at the time of the loss. During the time of loss another man had found the ring in the water but lost it again in the waves.  I contacted Jeff and we made arrangements to meet just minutes after contact.  I started my search while Jeff set up beach items for his family to enjoy their day in the sun.  Jeff was keen to mark where the man dropped the ring in the surf with a stationary object and this was very helpful.  Within minutes and my 3rd target dug, I found Jeff ring that was sitting on the beach for 4 days.

Please remember as Jeff did all information during the time of the lost item.  Location, time, weather conditions, etc.

Jeff Story:

My first day on the Emerald Isle beach I put on tons of suntan lotion and went to throw a ball at the water’s edge. After finishing I went to get a drink of water and noticed my wedding ring was missing.  I went back to look for it but couldn’t find it. After 4 days searching, I contacted Steve before leaving town.  He was responsive, professional and available to search the morning I contacted him. After referencing the tide pattern, he found my ring under about a foot of sand within 30 minutes of starting his grid search.  I was surprised how quickly he was able to find it, but greatly relieved and pleased the search was successful.  Jeff