Lost Ring or Jewelry Recovery Service in Emerald Isle Area

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

CHThe overwhelming satisfaction with returning a cherished lost item to someone is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.  For me the thrill of enjoying my hobby, getting a little exercise and helping strangers at the same time is very fulfilling!  Once I find their item, it is as if we were long lost friends as they are so grateful and relieved at the same time.


…for these reasons, I have joined The Ring Finders.



During the Summer of 2012 I was down from Ohio helping my lady friend take care of her terminally ill father.  We would spend time on the beaches of Emerald Isle, NC to destress.  One particular day I was bored just sitting in the sand and noticed a man wading in shallow water with his metal detector.  I immediately knew this was something I would enjoy.  After our talk, I shortly afterwards ordered my first land/water detector.  The Tesoro Sand Shark is a great machine for beach & water but I soon found out a lot of public used land contains numerous metal items and the Sand Shark will make me dig all of them.  Last Summer I purchased one of the best detectors on the market and it works very well on sand and dry land.  Now I have all areas covered to 4 foot of water!  1st CTX ring

Please give me a call as soon as possible anytime of anyday so I can hopefully help you find your lost item!  Why not take a chance that an event that you may remember the rest of your life has a very happy ending?

I look forward to granting your wishes!



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4 Replies to “Lost Ring or Jewelry Recovery Service in Emerald Isle Area”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Welcome aboard Steven!!! Best of luck in your findings and if I can ever be of help I’m right down the road.

    N. Myrtle Beach SC and Shallotte, NC

    1. Steven Ray says:

      Thank you sir! I bet your area keeps you busy! Good luck and happy detecting trails to you!

  2. Brendon G says:

    I lost my wedding ring in the sand one day on the beach at Emerald Isle in August 2015. Steve came out one evening and started looking for it in the area I though I had dropped it. He gradually expanded the search area after we didn’t turn anything up. We must have been out there for a coupe of hours and the sun already down. He made a last pass at the edge of the flotsam line and he found it. Hard to describe how happy and frankly shocked I was because I had already started the mental math on buying a new ring! I’d recommend him without hesitation.

  3. John Volek says:

    Well done!


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