Ring Found Yakima Washington Snowman Still Missing

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I was called by a concerned husband. His wife had lost her ring while helping her children make a snowman. She did not notice the ring coming off, but did have a fair idea where it might be in the front yard.   It was tempting to wait until the snow melted, which would make the search much easier. However the husband impressed me with his concern and I agreed to search right away.

The front yard was good sized and snow covered. The Snowman had already moved on. The wife showed me the general area she was in. I started the grid search in the area she thought was most likely to have the ring. I grid searched  half of the yard and then the other and still no ring. I did however find the assorted penny, toy, bottle top, pull tab and then the not so usual item, a scooter bike.

I expanded the search on the yard farthest from the snowman, and after about 20 minutes had another good signal. Sure enough there was the ring. I had many signals that were the same and searching and finding each target led me to the ring. You have to hunt all the targets in this case because I was skimming over several inches of snow.

The wife was very happy about the find and gave me a nice finders fee. The husband later called and thanked me in one of the nicest phone calls from a ring find that I have had. I was very glad to be able to return this very special ring to this nice family.




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