Lost Key Found, Yakima, Yakima County

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

The key to finding a lost item is knowing where you lost it. Sounds simple enough, and this one was. I received a call about a lost car key. The young lady had been sitting under a shade tree and when she got up to leave her key was gone, fallen out of her pocket. It was her “spare” key to boot and so it needed to be found.

The search area was very specific and had been searched on hands and knees well, with no luck. After searching for lost rings and keys for awhile I have come to realize grass and dirt are very good about swallowing them up. So with the search area in front of me, I simply went straight at where she had been siting. On the first pass I had a strong signal and found the key.

I had a previous search that I had said was my shortest, but this one will now move into first place.

Smiles all around.

Thanks for the call to hunt for the key. Always a good time.


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