Lost Ring Yakima Washington is now Found

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I received a phone call from a very nice young women, who wanted help finding her lost rings. She explained that she had been upset and in a moment of haste tossed a white gold promise ring and a thin gold ring out the window of her car as she was driving home.  We all can have our moments, and her’s lasted only a short time before she realized how much the rings meant to her.

She had a pretty good idea where she was when the rings were lost and was able to put us very close to where they were found. However this area involved several properties and we needed to get permission to hunt them. We only had problems with one home owner, but after assuring them that this was not some scam, I was allowed to hunt under their watchful eye. While I was hunting through the lawn, the women who lost the ring walked ahead down the sidewalk looking along the dirt and grass next to the road.

We had looked quickly in this area without the metal detector the day before and had not noticed  the rings. After getting permission to hunt and returning to the area, a field sprinkler was running and the water was reaching next to the sidewalk. The ring tosser became the ring finder as she walked slowly along, she noticed a nice shining reflection and there was her ring on a small driveway apron leading into a field.

She was very happy as you can see in the picture, and a nice reward was given. The small gold ring was not  found  despite a few more hours of searching, and I suspect has been picked up as this was a pretty exposed area. Fortunately the small gold ring did not hold as much meaning for her, but it would still have been nice to find it. She tossed the rings out at separate times so there was some distance between them and the ground cover made it difficult to search every inch ( although I sure tried).


Thanks for the phone call to help you search for your ring, and I am so glad that you have it back.


If you have lost your ring,  give me a call and I will be happy to try and get it back to you. Who knows while I am hunting you may even find it before I do…:)


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