Lost property corner pins....Not a ring

  • from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

December of 2016 I received a call from a gentleman not too far from me. He found me on the internet searching “Marietta metal detector” He was wanting to locate his corner pins of his property and was going to buy a metal detector to locate them. After seeing my ad here on The Ring Finders, he decided to see if I could locate them instead of the purchase. I told him “I’d do my best” and made arrangements to meet up. I never thought it would be that hard to locate the pins!! I did find 2 rather quickly but the other two was very difficult. We ended up getting the Deed to the property and found the other ones using references in the Deed. The pins were located and he was very happy. He insisted on giving me a donation because as he stated “Metal detectors and surveyors are NOT cheap!” Just glad I could help!