Lost Diamond Ring Off Balcony .. Big Canyon Estates, Newport Beach, CA… Found and Returned to Grateful Owner

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Brenda had been sitting on her balcony patio having her morning coffee. She pulled her ring off her finger and it dropped onto the deck. She saw it fall through spaces in the wood deck into ivy 8ft. below.

Her son came with a metal detector, spending a whole afternoon searching for the ring. The next day they contacted me to do a search.

It was a small area which should have been an easy search and recovery. Now we have a chance that the rings were could have been moved because they had pulled up most of the ivy. I also found out that the soil was littered with nails left by the contractors that had recently replaced the building siding. ( nails large enough to mask a ring signal on my detector)

I did thoroughly remove a massive amount of of nails in a 10’x10’ section before going though the ivy remnants that were piled off to the side. “Boom” ring found in the ivy pile. I could have started there and impressed her with a quick recovery. What’s important is the ring was recovered.  Brenda told me it was given to her over 30 years ago and it meant so much to her. I could tell she was grateful for my services. It was a pleasure to help such a nice lady.

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