Lost Car Keys after midnight Laguna Beach found and returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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** Jazi was at the beach late at night with his friend. After he walked off the beach he realized he must have dropped his car keys somewhere between where he was sitting on the beach and his parked car. 

I received a call from Jazi about 2am in the morning. I knew he was desperate and was willing to go help him except he said he was at Torrey Pines State Beach. Too far of a drive for a search that hour of the night. The next morning he called me back explaining he was actually at Victory Beach which is in the city of Laguna Beach. It is only a 15 mile drive for me. 

He was at work when I talked to him and wasn’t able to meet me at the location. To make things worse, his car was still at the location.

No problem for me to do a search at this beach without him to show me a possible area of the loss. He was able to explain where he had been. I know this beach very well so I was able to get there and find his keys. 

Now, without a way to pick up his keys, I volunteered to bring the keys to his work place. The good news is later that day his  friend took him to pick up his car before it was towed or ticketed.

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