West Los Angeles Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Hotel Planter .. Found at Last Minute of Search

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** I was called by Mikael asking for help to find his wife’s white gold diamond engagement ring. They are visiting from Belgium and will be returning in two days. His wife, Melanie had been standing in the patio of their hotel room, she picked up a leaf off a table, throwing it into the landscaping. Both rings of her white gold diamond wedding ring set went flying into the tall thick plants.

Mikael looked into the foliage and was able to find the wedding ring. The next day purchased a metal detector after two unsuccessful days of searching for the 1-1/2 ct. gold engagement ring he hired a guy with a metal detector to help him. Together they pulled more than half the thick 2 ft. high plants out of the soil. The planter was approximately 10ft. x 16ft. But there was a possibility if the ring took a odd bounce it could have gone into another planter or the patio.

I showed up to search the whole area hoping the ring may have been masked by large metal staples. It was also possible that they may have missed the ring with inferior metal detectors. It was important to me to get into searching with the mind thought that it had not been searched.

Three hours into the search, I was giving up hope. I actually told Mikael I only had a few places to eliminate before calling the search off. We had been concentrating on the area closest to where the wedding ring was found. I remembered a couple other searches where the engagement ring went quite a bit further that the smaller ring. 

I crawled into the last remaining thick plants with my Deus 2 high-frequency coil and following up with the Garrett Pinpointer. My last signal was Melanie’s beautiful engagement ring totally lodged into the base of thick plants, more that 12 ft. from where the other ring was found.. Unbelievable for me, but such a relief and joy for Mikael and Melanie. They just have no idea how close I came to calling this a “no find”…  Also, it’s not easy to crawl on your hands and knees in wet planter soil for three hours. Fatigued, frustrated and mentally defeated was taking over my stubbornness. Then the joy of the recovery kicks in and I forget how I almost gave up.. 

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