Lost Mercedes Camper Keys Lost on Beach .. Found at Huntington CityBeach, CA.

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***Kent parked his camper at Huntington City Beach, CA. . He gave his keys to his girlfriend to use during the day while they were on the beach. Later that day his friend lost the camper keys somewhere between the parking lot and the towel line on the beach. 

Although they did not realize when the key fob with keys was dropped. They were positive that the loss occurred where the spent the most time. ( the towel line near the water).

I met Kent and he showed me the exact location where they were. A quick grid of a small area was unsuccessful. He thought it would be impossible for me to cover long distance across the sand to the parking lot. I told him I can give it a try. It was difficult to predict the exact path they walked. I usually do 5 or 7 grid passes for the 100yards. 

Towards the end of my grid, Kent came up to see if I had any luck.. He conceded that we had done as much as possible and he was ready to go through the process to have the vehicle towed. I told him, I would finish the last 25 feet as he rode off on his bike.. A few minutes later I found the Mercedes’ key fob. I called him right away. It was a happy reunion with many happy smiles.

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