Lost Diamond Wedding Ring at a Volleyball Tournament .. Found with Metal Detector.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











If you lost jewelry in the sand or grass call Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

*** Jesse and his wife spent the day at Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA. They were watching a volleyball tournament when his wife removed her wedding ring because it was a little uncomfortable. Before she could put in a safe place, she dropped it in the soft dry sand. A long search was unsuccessful. 

Two days later he found me on a google search. When he talked to me I was driving home from the west side of Los Angeles. My detectors were in the car so I was available to meet Jesse at the volleyball courts soon after discussing the location and how the loss occurred.

We both pulled up in the parking area and the volleyball court was only 50ft from where he parked. Even though it had been a couple days since the ring was dropped it showed up in my scoop after a few swings of the metal detector. It’s always easier to find a lost metal item if the person can put me in the general area. It’s not always possible for people to meet me at the location but with the help of photos, gps pin markers, google earth screen shots, and other landmarks we can conduct searches. 

It’s always special to see the surprised look on a person’s face when they see a sentimental ring or piece of jewelry come out of the sand when they had spent so much time looking for it..


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