Heirloom Gold Ring Lost at the Beach .. Found by Google Search for Metal Detector Help.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Call or Text 949-500-2136 ..”Stan the Metal Detctor Man for metal detector help.

*** I received a call from Izzy’s mother asking if I was available to help her daughter find a hierloom ring that was past down to her from her grandmother. Izzy’s mom said her daughter was on the beach now and was very upset as this ring meant the world to her.

I was able to leave right away. We met on the beach a half hour later. Izzy’s mother also drove to the location. We set up my detector and began a grid search. A few minutes into the search we had the ring in the sand scoop. 

It was a successful recovery because they didn’t waste time trying to rent or use a loner detector to search it theirselves. It was my pleasure to be available to help them find the very sentimental ring. The internet and mobile phones  has to be given credit for this recovery. Years ago you would have to try to find a metal detector service in the phone book.

Call now to get information on how the mobile metal detecting service works.. Stan 949-500-2136

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