Both engagement and wedding rings lost in garden

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received  a message from Gemma yesterday evening, saying both her engagement and wedding rings had been lost in their garden an hour or s

o ago . Gemma had taken off both rings before cleaning a table ,  but while she was getting the hose set up , her young three year old son had picked both rings up and had later said he had hidden / thrown them in the garden .

I arrived this morning after Gemma had finished the school run , after searching in hedges , flower pots , lawn and the gravel drive for a good two hours , we looked in a area near the house and Gemma spotted her wedding ring tucked between  the edge of the gravel and the lawn , realising the other ring would be nearby my detector registered a target about 5 feet away from the first ring , this one was tucked under longer grass up against a path , the look of relief on Gemmas face said it all , she said she hadn’t been able to sleep last night worrying about her precious rings and where they might be , another successful recovery all thanks to ringfinders .com



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