Lost house and car keys

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I got a call from Reece who explained that his bunch of keys had been thrown into a field full of 5ft tall stinging nettles in Crawley.
Arranged to meet up early this morning , where he explained how they had gotten thrown there , after half an hour fighting through the nettles my detector sounded off and a bunch of keys were hooked up in the nettles about 6” from the ground, Reece was extremely pleased to see his keys again ,  was great to see the expression on his face when I handed them back to him , another happy person reunited with their property thanks to ring finders . 

2 Replies to “Lost house and car keys”

  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Finish the story, Why were they in there?

    1. Simon Cox says:

      His Ex chucked them in there

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