Lost wedding ring on Walmer beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted yesterday by Lee via ring finders.com who had lost his white gold wedding ring whilst playing in the sea 0n Walmer beach with his children a couple of days ago .
We arranged to meet in the car park this morning, and Lee showed me the location of the loss , he was very concerned that due to the very steep shingle bank around the area that recovery would be nigh on impossible , the tide was going out , and at the time only 2 or 3 meters of wet shingle from the high tide mark were clear of water , I gridded out the area and after about 10 minutes of searching my Equinox 800 hit on a target reading 20-22 , one sand scoop later and there was a nice silvery coloured ring showing on the shingle, Lee was amazed his precious wedding band had been recovered so easily and quickly from such a steep shingle bank , he recalled that the very strong current had pulled him down the bank and he had to thrust his hands into the shingle to stop himself being dragged into deeper water , this was the very moment Lee realised his wedding ring had been pulled from his finger .

Another person reunited with their lost wedding ring all thanks to ring finders.com web site