Lost Wedding Ring Found at Seabright Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

When John called it quickly became apparent that he was the type of person that was going to do everything possible to help retrieve his wife’s lost wedding ring. He had clearly marked the spot of the loss and had even spent 5 hours searching the area himself with a rented metal detector. Although he did not locate the ring he had done everything else including contacting me at The RingFinder’s. John’s wife had been removing two rings while sitting in a beach chair when they both flew forward out of her hands. She soon located one ring in the sand a couple feet directly in from of the chair but despite her and John’s efforts the second ring remained in hiding. I arrived on site and John put me directly on the spot where the ring went airborne. This appeared to be a slam dunk but I’ve learned that is a foolish attitude to have going into any search so I prepared myself for the unexpected. After approximately 15-20 minutes I had searched through and beyond the most likely area for the ring to be. I realized this was a mischievous ring and had done something strange once it left the owners grip. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that sometimes the lost item is in a spot you would never have believed it could get to given the circumstances. I continued searching and could feel John’s confidence waning some as I was moving out of the immediate area in front of where the chair had been. I deduced the ring most likely deflected somehow and flew farther than anticipated and quite possibly in a different direction than the obvious. Several minutes later I picked up a low, dirty signal .. not the type of signal I expected from this lost ring. Assuming it was probably trash but taking no chances I pulled out my pinpointer and started pawing at the sand when the beautiful custom, white gold wedding ring popped out! We were both floored. The ring had flown approximately 12-15 feet away and almost directly to the right. After inspecting the ring I realized it’s particular construction had caused the errant signal. I have no idea beyond speculation how it actually got to a spot neither of us could believe it had reached. Regardless the ring was going home. Ring finding is never as easy as it seems but it is always thrilling when it ends in smiles all around. peace

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