Lost Gold/Alloy Ring Found at Cowell's Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I’ve been recovering from injuries for quite a while. I hadn’t been out on a search for some time and I was eager to start back up with a successful recovery. I started early to get a feel for the location and establish my presence and activity. This helps discourage beachgoers from encroaching too closely as the summer crowds start filtering in. My initial location to start off was going off of a verbal description over the phone. After about 30 minutes I received a photo update from the owner and adjusted my location slightly. After an additional 20 minutes the owner arrived and we moved my location once again this time about 20′ over. The ring was unique combination of metals that had been assembled from three pieces but had already broken into two pieces before it was lost. I was curious what the signal would be and couldn’t assume anything so I had to dig everything. During the search I dug up an aluminum tent spike approx. 18″ down and a catsup packet over a foot deep along with a few other sundry trash items.

After about 30 more minutes of searching I picked up a solid signal and found the single gold ring about 4-5″ down in the sand. I figured the others would be close by and they were .. just 6″ away from the first. I had the owner dig up the second part and reunite with the rest of his lost ring. What a great day back. peace

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