Lost Gold Wedding Ring Recovered at Black's Beach, Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

This past Labor Day weekend was one for the record books literally. Living in Santa Cruz you’re not prepared to deal with solid, 105+ degree temps very well so it was fortuitous when I received the call that a wedding band had been lost in midtown Santa Cruz … at least the breeze from driving there would help. Upon arriving it was clear what group on the crowded beach was involved in the hunt … all eyes were on the guy with the detector. The owner and his party had done everything correct, although the temptation to start searching and digging is strong they had just cleared the area out where they believed the ring had been lost and waited for my arrival. A simple miscommunication had led to the ring’s loss and I could hear it weighing on them in their voices. I wanted very badly to help change their tones. If the information was all correct then this one appeared to be a pretty certain slam dunk but experience has made me realize it’s not over until the owner has the ring in hand. Even though I was apparently looking at good odds of recovery, it was obvious that many more than just the owners party were watching intently to see how the drama would unfold .. a little unnerving but I put it out of my head and started the search. Although I didn’t set a personal record on this day it was close. No more than several minutes into the search my machine picked up a possibly likely signal. When I looked down I could see a very small, silver glint of white gold poking out from the sand. When I asked the owners wife to come take a look I pointed it out. She hesitated momentarily to process what she was seeing then quickly snatched it out of the sand victoriously … a classic response and one I never get tired of witnessing. Instant hero status :), cheers, hugs and super nice, happy people .. it had turned into a very pleasant day for sure. There was also a nice breeze blowing. peace