Lost Wedding Ring Found at Rio Del Mar Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

IMG_0617 IMG_0624Through serendipity the owner had located me through a newspaper article on a previous ring find I had made. She had lost her wedding ring at Rio Del Mar  beach 2-1/2 months prior and had already given it up as gone for good. While sitting in the orthodontist’s office she happened to catch a glimpse of the article and decided there was nothing to lose so she gave me a call. Coincidentally this was also the day of their 20th wedding anniversary. We met at the beach on Thursday morning and she guided me to the spot where she thought they had been, to the best of her recollection. Memories can be faulty, especially after time passes so I understood the spot was only the general  area and I had to be prepared for anything. A lot can happen in that length of time plus the characteristics of the ring meant it was not going to be an easy signal to spot, I was geared up for a long day. I had decided to go with a smaller coil on my detector since the characteristics of the ring would make it easier to be “seen” by this coil as opposed to a bigger one. I only hoped the ring hadn’t gone too deep, it was a calculated gamble. After 4 hours I had searched approx. 10-11,000 sq. ft. and had more than covered the initially estimated possible area. I was able to move efficiently and cover a good amount of ground due to the relatively low amount of trash at this beach. The critical factor that would prove key in the end. Searching for a lost item is as much an exercise in control of your mind as much as it is your machine, focus is essential every moment and mine was starting to waver. Was the ring in this area ? Had the ring gone too deep ? Had it already been found ? These questions we’re running through my head as well as the realization that I was running out of time before I’d have to head to work. In the 4th quarter I got a clean, solid signal. I was expecting something a little different for this ring so I wasn’t thinking much as I dug my scoop into the sand and sifted other than this may be the last signal I dig today. Glancing down I saw, gleaming brightly amid the sticks and feathers, a beautiful 18K sculpted and diamond inlayed gold ring. That moment of realization is an incredible feeling because you know right then that you’re going to be reuniting the item with the owner and give them a day they’ll always remember. I was a day late with my 20th anniversary “gift” for the really nice couple but it was received warmly. The wife gave me a personally handwritten note that read ” . . . thank you for finding my special ring”. I’ll keep that in my heirlooms for my grandkids and theirs.

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  1. Good find (especially after so much time) and beautiful ring.. Hopefully, she gave you a hug also…

  2. Scott Foss says:

    Yes Larry I actually got a hug from both of them. A very nice couple.

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