Lost Wedding Found at Pescadero Beach, San Mateo

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Max had been playing volleyball with some friends at a North Coast beach. He was preparing to hit the ball when he felt the ring loosen on his finger but it was too late to react and he felt the ring fly off upon contact with the ball. He knew the ring had to be close by but after hours of fruitless searching he and his friends were forced to give up. After also unsuccessfully trying to find a metal detector to rent he said he was “very happy” to find me on the internet. We met up and after a 15 minute hike we found ourselves on one of the beautiful, remote beaches this whole coast is known for. I know this area very well having explored and fished this coastline extensively for many years . . it was very nice to be back..

Max told me he and his wife were from Belarus, Russia and had purchased the rings in Europe before moving here. The ring obviously carried a huge sentimental value for them both, they had all traveled a long way together and I was determined to keep that journey going. Max located the markers he had put down earlier in the week when the ring had been lost. Searching out in a square/spiral pattern I was 10 minutes into the search when I got a solid hit. The reading was somewhat different than what I was expecting but you have to check every signal on a search so I scraped the sand down about 2″ with my shoe. . . when the sun caught the band poking out all I could do was smile. I looked at Max and when he caught sight of the glint he couldn’t get to it fast enough. The journey continues . . .

The view


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  1. Nice recovery. (I moved to France 2 yrs ago from Placerville, Calif).

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