Lost Wedding Ring Found at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

When the call came in to search for a lost wedding ring at the Boardwalk I was still 2 hours away from the end of a long work day but that doesn’t matter when someone needs your help. The Monday night crowd was getting heavy but I eventually managed to find parking and meet up with Mary by The Big Dipper. She pointed me towards her husband and he showed me the area where he thought it had been lost. The big problem was it was near the water with a high, still-building tide. That, coupled with the dumping shorepound meant a large part of the possible search area was already unreachable. I told him I would search the area I could as best as I could manage under the conditions. A South swell was coming in, they’re notorious for having long lulls between sets but when the lull ends you’d better not get caught off guard. I searched one swath at the top of the steep beach with one eye always on the water. My second run was going to be closer to the water but some young people had happened to come and stand right in that spot so I decided to search one more swath further away from the ocean. About 6′ along I got a signal of 22. That’s a pulltab almost every time, guaranteed ! This time it wasn’t. Three inches down in the wet sand (the waves were already washing over this area when the sets hit) lay this beautiful, white gold herring bone wedding band. As it turned out this was the first day of their vacation, I was so happy that it ended up turning out alright for them. After hugs, pictures and even some video I left them to enjoy their vacation, not even remembering my workday.

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  1. Mary says:

    A lifesaver indeed. You truly made this vacation one to remember. Santa Cruz will never again be remembered for its beautiful beach and boardwalk. It is now remembered for the good Samaritan, super ring finder Scott Foss. thank you again for your super metal detector powers.

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