Another Day Another Lost Wedding Ring Found at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

The best part . . another happy smile

The request for this search actually came yesterday morning. A woman’s gold wedding band had been lost on the boardwalk beach two days prior and the owner lived out of town. Time is always a critical factor but it had already been a couple days and I didn’t have the time to make a decent search before work so I planned to hit it the following day (today). As fate would have it another ring search request came in that evening (yesterday) at the same beach. This one was an emergency as the tide was about to cover the area so I made a mad dash out there after work. Later that evening after a successful recovery, I decided to search the area a few hundred feet away for the other ring. I only had the information from the initial phone call to go by but I thought I had a pretty good fix on the location. After searching the area thoroughly for about an hour I had nothing but some spare change and trash. Finding lost rings takes a solid plan and execution but perseverance is just as important . . I wasn’t giving up. After a follow-up call I discoverd that I hadn’t been in the right area after all. I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong so I got my gear together to hit it early this morning before work.

I located the likely area only to find that the beach had been mechanically “combed”  just prior to my arrival . . this could prove disasterous. I proceeded to hunt the area thoroughly for 45 minutes with no luck. I had covered a pretty large area and figured I had probably searched far enough out. I was trying to decide whether to continue out further in the same direction or to cross grid the same area 90 degrees to my original grid. I decided to search one more swath in the same direction and 10′ in I hit a solid signal. From the information my detector was giving me I didn’t think it was too likely that it was the ring but you have to dig ALL signals on a ring hunt so I sliced my sifter into the dry sand. By the time I looked down into the scoop the loose dry sand had all but sifted through and there, in a little sand at the bottom lay a beautiful gold wedding band shining in the morning sun . . I was stunned. I had been told that it was made in India and one of a kind and it definitely looked special. After a phone call the happy couple drove up from Monterey and met me at the boardwalk. When I showed them the exact spot where the ring had been found they said that was very close to where they had been although it was a good 15-20′ away from where I had figured the most likely spot was from our previous phone conversations. This is why we always try to meet up with the owners at the location as it’s invaluable in determining the spot it was lost as closely and accurately as possible . . and that’s everything. After some pictures and a lot of smiles we parted ways. Two days, two ring hunts and two successful recoveries, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Nandita says:

    Scott, Thank you so much for finding my ring! I really did not have much hopes of recovery, but wanted to give it a try. I really appreciate how you talked me through the process.

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