Lost gold ring found (recovered) Eagle Lake, Edwardsburg, Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Received a phone call from George, a newly married guy, who said he had lost his gold wedding ring in Eagle Lake located in Edwardsburg Michigan.  He was visiting his parent’s lake home for the weekend.  George did some swimming near the dock and had been throwing a tennis ball for their dog to fetch. He was fairly certain he had lost the ring while throwing the ball, but wasn’t totally sure.

George took to the internet to try and find out how or who could help him find or recover his lost ring. He found Ringfinders.com and looked at the directory to see who could help him.

After receiving the call, we arranged a time that worked for our schedules, the following morning worked for both of us.

I arrived at the home, got my equipment out and was promptly in the water searching. There were several metallic items in the search area (pennies, old dock pipes, cans) but a nice hard sand bottom with small rocks everywhere. The water was nice, clear and warm.

After only a couple minutes of searching, I was getting a high probability signal associated with gold rings. Passed the detector over the target and could see the roundness and edges of a gold ring!

George and his new bride were all smiles and very grateful for the help finding his lost ring.