Lost 18k wedding ring found in Mount Prospect Il

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Received a call from a woman in Mount Prospect .
Lost her 18k wedding ring while playing with her kids in the yard.
I love yard searches because I probably have over a 95% success rate, if it’s lost in the yard it has to be there.
Once I arrived and asked more questions to get as much detail as I could one little thing was left out in our first conversation, they were playing on a Trampoline (yikes, what possibly could go wrong?)
She told me she saw it come off and was directed in the general direction she thought it went.
I carefully staked out the area After over 2 hours of searching and trying to navigate between a tremendous amount of trash in the ground (not visible) with no success I was getting ready to call it, but going back to my own rule of things are rarely found where you think they will be, based on that I decided to move the Trampoline, a few minutes later bingo, found it about in the center under the Trampoline. How it got there is anyone’s guess, I really could not figure that one out but the main thing is there was a happy ending,
Love this job!!!

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