Found My Mother's Ring...Doylestown, Pa

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a call from Rose to say that she lost her mother’s wedding ring that she wore while gardening over the weekend.  My sidekick John and I were able to meet up with her to see where she may have lost the ring.  Rose told us that she had taken off her gloves to blow her nose and thought that was when she may have lost it.  After walking the nature trails with her for about 20 minutes I got the signal that I was looking for and low and behold it was right at my feet under some wood chips.   When I picked it up to show her, she was so ecstatic, tears of joy.  Finding the ring and seeing her face is what makes being a member of Ringfinders a very rewarding endeavor.

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  1. Rose DAlisa says:

    Hi, this is Rose. I could not believe that my mother’s ring was found. I never thought I would see that ring again. I believe we are here on this planet to make a difference in each other’s lives. Rick and John bring indescribable happiness to the people they serve. When their time on earth is done, they will know that their lives have been worth living and have meant so much to all the people they have helped so unselfishly. So many people will remember them and bless them for the pure joy they have brought to their lives. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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