Mens Palladium Ring Lost & Found Studland Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Back in August Kevin from Poole visited Studland with his family to do a little SUP’ing. Trouble was he kept falling off and worst still, when he reached the shore realised his wedding ring had gone! He had covered a wide area and could tell for sure where he had lost it.

I visited the area on 3 occasions , at least two hours each time to no avail. My search area expanded on every visit. Probably on my eighth hour there, a long way from my original search area, the CTX gave a blaring tone of something big and up it came!

Kevin was elated to have it back and made a kind donation to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue. Because of the sensitive nature of Simons job we decided a personal picture would not be appropriate.

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