Gold Wedding Ring Lost & Found Boscombe Pier

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Back in August Rowlins and family enjoyed a day out from their home in London. Little did he know he was about to see his wedding ring slip from his finger into the sea near Boscombe Pier. He searched desperately for ages hoping to catch a glimpse but to no avail.

When I received his call the ring had already been missing a few days and with low tides not due another 3 weeks I was less than optimistic to say the least! Nevertheless, three weeks later, just around dawn I ventured to the area and began searching. Using the Whites PI Plus machine I listened for faint whispers knowing how deep in the soft sand it would have sunk. I found six rings that way including Rowlins wedding band- such a thrill to see your target laying in the bottom of your sand scoop!

I called Rowlins who pleased and shocked at our luck and sent him the ring by post. He thanked me later and made a generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal Charity.

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