Gents ROLEX Watch Lost & Found in the sea in Southbourne.

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Simon from Bournemouth went for his usual swim in the sea in Southbourne & when tumbled by a large wave felt his Rolex fall from his wrist. You can imagine his desperation looking for it as the waves pounded him until finally he admitted defeat and left.

When I received the call I was optimistic even though the sands were soft there and we didn’t have a precise location. Another problem was the tides. They wasn’t due for another two weeks which also reduced the recovery odds. Simon was very eager to try & when we met the day of the search he was very disappointed we didn’t find it.

I decided to let him borrow all of my equipment- something I had done before in the past with people I felt I could trust. Full credit to him, out he went several times searching until early one morning a massive signal, one scoop.. and up it came! Simon was ecstatic to have recovered it and made a generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal Charity.

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